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Indonesian Tempeh Typical Food

Tempe Food is typical in indonesia, made of kedelai diproses. This food has a high nutritional content. Indonesian society consume every day, because the food is cheap and tasty and easy to make. Tempe not only in cooking but in large restauran tempeh made into steak and nuggets. In Indonesian tempeh sold in many supermarket, stalls, vegetable sllers, and the market.

Indonesian Tempeh Typical Food |  Mas Dedi
Tempeh soybean

But on this blog is not to discuss how to make tempeh refined cuisine, but ratherhow to make tempeh higienic and healthy clean so consume by the family. Of the purchase on the market are not necessaruly clean better make yourself at home.

Tools and materials:
  1. Cormorant,
  2. Basin,
  3. Sieve,
  4. Soybeans,
  5. Yeast,
  6. The transparant plastic,
  7. Winnowing.
  8. Panci,
How to make:
  1. Wash equipment,
  2. Wash soybean,
  3. Soaked soybeans with water in the basin for 10 hours,
  4. Soybeans after the soft, peel skin,
  5. Then boiled soybeans for 1 hour,
  6. Drain soybeans untul warm,
  7. Place the winnowing, sprinkle yaest little by little until evenly,
  8. Wrap with plastic soybeans with a length 20 cm nad 2 cm thick,
  9. Save soybeans that have beeb wrapped up, let the fermentation process last for 2 days, make sure the package is close d.
  10. Tempeh ready or made steak fries and nuggets.
So how to make tempeh hygienic own home. At for the other articles that you must read that 5 Pantai di Lombok Terkenal Dengan Pasir Halusnya.

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